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Gain confidence and control over your running with simple to implement training planning strategies. Run faster, farther, stronger and reach your goals with ease.

In just 30 minutes, you'll discover...

No. 1

A simple, 5-step process to effortlessly plan your day-to-day training

No. 2

The secret to building your volume to ensure you avoid injury using the “Real 10% Rule” (hint: it’s not actually 10%)

No. 3

The most effective path to progress as a runner and reach your goals

This Training Is a Must Watch if You’re a Runner

  • who wants to get faster or run farther (or both) while at the same time staying injury-free
  • who wants to work towards a goal or a dream but remain sane – and ideally happy – while you’re at it
  • who wants take control of your training, steer clear of overtraining and find your own perfect balance

Meet Your Coaches

Hi, we're Sophia and Michael Miracolo, a Swedish-American duo united by our deep love for running. Our journey has taken us over thousands and thousands of miles on the roads, trails, and mountains, battling for both podiums and against our own personal demons. Along the way, we've developed our own training methods and learned valuable lessons, often the hard way. This passion led us to become running dedicated coaches, committed to helping others reach their goals while navigating life's many twists and turns.

If you’re committed to taking charge of your training, streamline it to suit your goals and life situation and fulfill your running dreams, we can’t wait to slash that learning curve and help you get you there faster – and in one piece.

See you there!

Mike and Sophia

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